One last moment



Do you ever wondered about how your life has turned out to be?

At this moment,Right now

life has been misery and joy

Everyday has been passing by

Every second is a blessing

A way of adopting changes

and having chances

A moment to gain

A moment to lose

start getting something

start losing something




Days passing!


The days are numbered

Each day has a valuable gift

Leave in the dust what made you weary

Behind is a push and pull energy attracting

What you know hasn’t been everything

What you believed in, wasn’t everything

Right here, right now ‘think of your life’

What has become of it since the beginning

Were you in your best self?

Did you make good choices?

Were you able to help yourself?

What you did for yourself when you realize you are nothing?

And that when you were unwise and foolish?

Every day is a gift for those who are wise enough to accept

Who knows what happens next?

Be a life yourself

so that your time can be precious enough to live it!

Don’t forget me in the days that are numbered

Value them..

Our own choices!


Every day is a wonderful

A day that holds many moments together.

A day of distress and pleasure contains the forte that we hold in our hand

Every morning starts with birds chirping everywhere

A beautiful echoes of mother nature that are pleasant to watch and hear

Every living thing engages in working for survival of his home

Moments are like a pebble of sand,

Which is small but holds the greater truth of every lives

Changing behaviors and a lot more to improve every second

My things and your things are what we discuss all our lives

Right and correct ways are different and difficult to follow

But is what a wise person does.

Truth becomes becomes visible to such a person


I Remember the experience!!


I choose to follow my fated path

Followed by imprints of success and struggle

My journey into inner self grasps the dear memory of past

For recalling the times which was of golden moments

Effort which shows everything for the sake of living an illusion

It is eye-catching sparkle of moments that tickles me with best method

Of living a lie of this illusion

My best resolve of the thought which explains the actions

That everyone supposed was a lie

Beholds the truth of reality, harsh truth indeed holds the greater power

I created my own path to follow, As I walked my footsteps made as proof

The most Fortunate for me, the inner me stimulate in process

A different version of myself made intelligent choices of time

I remember the past and present but cannot know about the future

The pen that had been writing this, embraces the collection of moments

That every second is precious that discovered my best Version of Self.

Wrapping up!


The path myths that were false to this present time

The little ways of comforting ourselves everyday

sometimes the state of cry sometimes a joy

Be gentle with the fact of our purpose of living everyday

Passing day seems lost with every future moment coming ahead

The new ways that are developing at this moment becomes a change

Do you know how the birds fly?

The common reality is because of the wings that they are blessed with

Don’t you think it’s the same with US?


Wrapping up the thinking that we do every day…is just one-time method

Just before the action we wrap up the thinking of the day

into an action that holds the power to change the outcome

Indeed, a Great Blessing Yet we deny.

A Reminder!



The Sufferings and the happiness we feel everyday

seems sometimes a reality and sometimes a fantasy

What we believe is what matters

What we believe we become it

Everyday passes by so fast that we forget to do many things

In the end of the day we are reminded that we forget to remember our existence

We are not  machines but merely human beings

Human beings that feel,taste,sense,think as well as move

We are blessed If we Think with so many things that are needed to share with others

To Us,if we are blessed enough we should share that Blessings with others

To others,we seems arrogant and prideful if we are blessed more then them

That’s a reality of life

We are Reminded by ourselves the purpose of our Existence

we should value our existence as well as others